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Il est prévu 20 minutes de présentation pour les papiers longs et 10 minutes de présentation pour les papiers courts.

Jeudi 7 Juillet
09H00 A new local search algorithm with shortlisting for plan repair in Flexible Job-Shop Problems: the 15 puzzle algorithm with potential. Helene Soubaras.
09H30 Une approche totalement instance pour la planification HTN. Abdeldjalil Ramoul, Damien Pellier, Humbert Fiorino and Sylvie Pesty.
10H00 Revisiting Goal Probability Analysis in Probabilistic Planning. Marcel Steinmetz, Joerg Hoffmann and Olivier Buffet.
10H30 Pause
11H00 Optimizing French Regions. Tristan Cazenave, Anne Epaulard and Claire Bernard.
11H30 Learning Macro-Actions for State-Space Planning. Sandra Castellanos-Paez, Damien Pellier, Humbert Fiorino and Sylvie Pesty.
14H00 Computer Go: From influence functions to AlphaGo (Tristan Cazenave)
15H30 Pause
16H00 Solving MDPs with Unknown Rewards Regardless of User Preferences. Pegah Alizadeh.
16H20 Intégration de recommandations simples dans un MDP. Florian Benavent and Bruno Zanuttini.
16H40 Analysis of Learning and Planning with Options. Ronan Fruit and Alessandro Lazaric.
17H00 Dealing with Markov decision process with uncertain transition functions. Martin Peron, Peter Barlette Kai Helge Becker Iadine Chades.
19H00 Social Event
Vendredi 8 Juillet
09H00 Actor-critic versus direct policy search: a comparison based on sample complexity. Arnaud de Froissard de Broissia and Olivier Sigaud.
09H30 Vers des architectures acteur-critique neurones efficaces en données. Matthieu Zimmer, Yann Boniface and Alain Dutch.
10H00 Multiple-Play Bandits Under the Position-Based Model. Paul Lagrée, Claire Vernade and Olivier Cappé.
10H30 Pause
11H00 Building document treatment chains using reinforcement learning and intuitive feedback. Esther Nicart, Bruno Zanuttini, Hugo Gilbert, Bruno Grilhères and Fredéric Praca.
11H30 Dora Q-Learning - making better use of explorations. Esther Nicart and Bruno Zanuttini.
14H00 Considering Human's Non-Deterministic Behavior and his Availability State When Designing a Collaborative Human-Robots System. Thibault Gateau, Caroline Ponzoni Carvalho Chanel, Mai-Huy Le and Frédéric Dehais.
14H30 LOLLIPOP: Generating and using proper plan and negative refinements for online partial order planning. Antoine Gréa, Aknine Samir and Laetitia Matignon.
15H00 Expert Knowledge Elicitation for "large p, small n" Regression. Marta Soare, Muhammad Ammad-Ud-Din and Samuel Kaski.
15H20 Fin des JFPDA
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